Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden, Germany


Balustrades of the Dresden Katholische Hofkirche and tower of the Residenzschloss

One of the places we visited on our 2014 trip to Germany with LutherTours was the city of Dresden.  There are many remarkable things to see, especially considering that most of Dresden was heavily damaged during World War II by incindiary bombs.  The Katholische Hofkirche, or the Dresden Catholic Cathedral, was very impressive.  I marveled at the statues perched atop the balustrades–Biblical and historical figures, 78 in all, measuring 10 feet tall.  To the left of the cathedral is the Residenzschloss.  One of the oldest buildings in Dresden, Saxon rulers lived in the castle from the early 16th century.  It houses several museums, including a coin museum, armory, and the Green vault (home to the largest collection of European treasures).


Statues of Biblical and historical figures. Katholische Hofkirche, Dresden.


Harvest Angel

Harvest Angel

Harvest Angel

This was the detail on the archway of a building in the old city of Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig was founded in medieval times; it became an important trade city during the Holy Roman Empire because it was at the intersection of the Via Imperii and Via Regia, two important trades routes. This city was damaged by bombing during WWII, but not as heavily as nearby Dresden.

Leipzig was one of the cities that we visited on our 2014 LutherTour.