Creamy Frozen Fruit Pie

When it is hot in the summer and I want a cool, refreshing dessert (or I want something super easy and quick!), this is my favorite pick.  This recipe only has four (4!) ingredients, but by mixing-and-matching, you can come up with so many possibilities.  It is also a great way to use some of that fresh fruit that didn’t make it into your jams or jellies.


Classic strawberry creamy frozen fruit pie

Graham cracker pie shell – 2

Cool Whip  – 1 carton, 12 oz

Yogurt (Vanilla or flavor to match fruit) – 1 carton, 24 oz

Frozen fruit, mashed – 16 oz

Thaw the Cool Whip and the fruit (in this case I used strawberry yogurt and a box of frozen strawberries from the store).  Mix the Cool Whip, the fruit, and 16 oz of yogurt in a bowl (or about 2/3 of the carton), then divide evenly and spread into both pie shells.  Place in freezer to chill and set.  This can be made a couple of days ahead of time, just remove the pies about 1/2 hour before cutting and serving.  I like to have a little fresh fruit on hand to decorate the pie.



Fresh peach creamy frozen fruit pie

Fresh peach creamy frozen fruit pie

Peach pie is also delicious.  If you are using fresh fruit, you will want to adjust the sweetness of the fruit when you are mashing it.  I find the Cool Whip and yogurt provide enough sweetness, and I like my pie to be a little tart.  This is a

great dessert that you can change depending upon what fresh fruit you can find.  Berries are delicious!  I also like to use frozen lemon or lime-ade when I want some citrus flavor.

Want to try something wild?  Substitute a chocolate graham cracker crust and add a little decadence!


Frukt Soppa (Fruit Soup)

I inherited my grandmother’s cookbook and found this recipe tucked inside. This fruit soup is good served hot or cold, as a course in a meal or for dessert. Try topping it with whipped cream to make it extra delectable!

Green Apples, 2012.

Green Apples, 2012.

Frukt Soppa

Prunes – 1/2 pound

Raisins – 1 cup

Apricots, dried – 1/4 pound

Orange, fresh – 1 peeled & sliced

Lemon, fresh – 1 peeled & sliced

Tapioca – 4 tablespoons

Sugar – 1 cup

Cinnamon – 1 stick

Apples, fresh – 3 peeled & diced

Cherries, canned – 1


In cooking pan, add prunes, raisins, apricots, orange, lemon, tapioca, sugar & cinnamon.  Add enough water to cover and soak overnight.  In the morning, add diced apples to the soup; add enough water to cover again.  Cook on medium until fruit is soft.  Add canned cherries last and heat through.