Lion Statue, Schloss Linderhof

Lion statue at Schloss Linderhof

Lion statue at Schloss Linderhof

Lions are a common sight in every art form in Bavaria. This area’s history with lions started very early. Henry the Lion, duke of Bavaria and Saxony, founded Munich in 1158. The Wittelsbach family lived in Munich and had four lion statues guarding the entrances. For centuries lions have been featured on many heraldic crests because of their royalty, courage and strength.

This lion is a statue at the base of the terrace section of the gardens of Schloss Linderhof in Germany. This picture was taken during my 2014 LutherTour trip.



Neptune Fountain, Schloss Linderhof

poseidon fountain 1

Neptune Fountain, Schloss Linderhof

The Neptune Fountain is the bottom element of a water feature at the “Mad” King Ludwig II’s Schloss Linderhof in Bavaria, Germany. The Music Pavilion lies on the northern mountainside; water cascades down 30 marbles steps to the fountain, which is visible from the king’s bedroom windows.

These photos are from my 2007 trip to Germany.

poseidon fountain 2

Venus Grotto, Schloss Linderhof

Venus Grotto, Schloss Linderhof

Venus Grotto, Schloss Linderhof

“Mad” King Ludwig II of Bavaria built the Venus Grotto at the edge of his smallest castle, the Schloss Linderhof. Ludwig was a big fan of Richard Wagner, the German composer, and had the grotto styled after the first act of Wagner’s opera “Tannhäuser.” Ludwig would float around the grotto in the swan boat, sometimes listening to opera singers that he had invited to perform at the castle. The grotto was outfitted with dynamos (rechargeable batteries) so it was illuminated with slowly changing colors.

I was able to visit the grotto on my first visit to Linderhof in 2007.