The Quality of a Physician

Dr Deb Glaum with Mr Cat and Mooch

Dr Deb Glaum with Mr Cat and Mooch

The Quality of a Physician

should not be Judged

on the Knowledge

of the Science of Medicine,

but rather by the

Ability to Practice

the Art of Healing;

for the Goal of Medicine

is to Repair the Body,

but the Aim of Healing

is to Restore the Soul.

–Deb Glaum (2000)

[I wrote this poem to thank a doctor who had been instrumental in getting me through a difficult pregnancy and preemie delivery.]


The Turtle by Odgen Nash


Spring–time for the birds and the bees, and the turtles, too, apparently

Since the first time I read poetry by Ogden Nash in the fourth grade, I do believe he has been my favorite poet.  His irreverent style and creative use of words reflect my inner bard.  I introduced him to my children recently.  My youngest was required to memorize a poem for class, and the choices available were deplorable (no rhyme or meter, and boring content).  My kids were most impressed that I could rattle off this ditty after so many years.


The Turtle by Odgen Nash:

The turtle lives twixt plated decks

Which practically conceal its sex.

I think it clever of the turtle

In such a fix to be so fertile.