A Hint of Persia


Yarn spun from Malabrigo Nube “Persia”

I love color and whimsy.  So spinning dyed roving is a real treat–you can’t guess from looking at the roving what the yarn will look like when it is spun.  (Roving is a bundle of fibre where the fibres have been carded into one direction.)  I am so lucky to live near the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS.  I can get my hands on the different fibres to feel the softness and imagine what the finished product will look like.  This yarn is “Persia” by Malabrigo Yarns in the Nube line.  “Nube” means cloud in Spanish, and this yarn is 100% Merino, so it is super soft.  My spinning technique is improving and I’m very happy with my Cassandra wheel.

Malabrigo Nube "Persia" roving & yarn

Malabrigo Nube “Persia” roving & yarn


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