Raspberry Lemonade Crazy Quilt

When it comes to quilts, I love scrappy and I love whimsy…this quilt combined them both!  This quilt was based on an idea from Crazy Shortcut Quilts.

raspberry lemonade 1

Raspberry Lemonade Baby Quilt

This quilt was for a baby girl, so I started by choosing 12 fabrics in pinks, purples, and yellows from my stash (this is a great stash-buster, by the way!).  I cut 12″ blocks from each fabric and stacked them.  The goal is to make the same wacky cut in all 12 blocks, however, since I could only cut about 4 layers at a time, I used a piece from the first block as a template for the other blocks.  The next step is to take a piece from 2 different fabrics and sew them back together, making a new block.  With your 12 new blocks, do another wacky cut, then again sew 2 different blocks back together.  Each block in this quilt had only 4 cuts; the challenge was to sew them back together so that no fabric was repeated in any block.  I wasn’t concerned about having perfect diamonds or getting my points to line up, so this was perfect for my “quilting with no rules” frame of mind.  I finished the quilt on my sewing machine using different crazy stitch patterns.  This was one of those quick and fun quilts for relaxing and sewing.  The pictures do not do the quilt justice, but it did turn out very lovely for a lovely little girl.

Scrappy Short Cut Quilt

Scrappy Short Cut Quilt


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