Shepherds of the Trees


Blackforest, Fall 2007.

Ents are some of the most fascinating characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe.  Ents are trees with souls, charged with protecting forests from destruction by dwarves and orcs.  Fangorn (or Treebeard) is the most famous Ent, making his appearance in The Two Towers and giving protection to Merry and Pippin, two very adventurous Hobbits.  Ents looked a great deal like the species of trees they shepherded, and their personality was exactly what you would expect of that type of tree.

Whenever I visit a forest, I look around.  Perhaps if you are quiet and wait long enough, you will find the Ents shepherding their trees.


Blackforest, Fall 2007.


Florida, March 2010.


Florida, March 2010.


Florida, March 2010.



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