Sandra’s Corduroy Quilt

Sandra's Corduroy Quilt

Sandra’s Corduroy Quilt

What ever was I thinking?  Well, I guess I was thinking about the lovely textures that corduroy fabrics can bring to any quilt.  Long story short, one year my dear quilting friend and I were at the Mennonite Quilt Auction in Hutchinson, Kansas.  To one side of the auction building is a shopping venue with TONS of fabrics, pieced blocks, notions, patterns and just about anything quilting- and sewing-related that you could want.  I found lots of corduroy fabrics and stocked up. And stocked up some more. (I think I will have enough corduroy for a life time!)

My friend and I put together this quilt by harvesting as much fabric as salvageable, then matching and mixing colors–it looked like a stained glass window.  The batting was a ratty, rescued old quilt; I tied it with cotton thread and trimmed with a red velour (another good bargain).  I like the idea of re-using and re-purposing fabrics and quilts. The result was a tremendously heavy, warm quilt that is much beloved by its owner.


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