“Untimely Contemporaries” by Bernd Göbel

A statue in Leipzig entitled "Untimely Contemporaries"

A statue in Leipzig entitled “Untimely Contemporaries”

This was one of the more unusual sculptures that I saw in Leipzig, Germany. Its title is “Unzeitgemäße Zeitgenossen” which seems to translate to “Untimely Contemporaries” in English, a kind of German pun. The artist Bernd Göbel was apparently unhappy with the hypocrisy of the Communist East Germany and put his frustration into this piece of art. It is amazing that he was allowed to create it, much less display it in a prominent place near the Augustusplatz. According to Rick Steves (via travelblog.org) “…insulting, exaggerated caricatures of hypocritical DDR figures. For example, the teacher clutches a mallet used to pound communist ideology into her students; the third guy over, with the too-big laurel wreath covering his eyes, is detonating St. Paul’s Church.”


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