Venetian Glass, Veste Coburg

Venetian Glass Chandelier

Venetian Glass Chandelier

I had heard of Venetian glass before, but I wasn’t prepared for its beauty–the intense colors coupled with delicate structure. These pieces are part of the collection at the Veste Coburg, the grand fortress overlooking Coburg, Germany. Besides the art glass collection, the castle also has collections of sleighs and carriages, armoury and weapons, as well as traditional paintings, sculptures and more glass.

Glassblowing is a very old and skilled art. There are a few glass Italian glass companies, still in production, that have been in business since the 13th century. The colors come from different compounds added to the glass. The red color in these pieces comes from added gold, while the aquamarine color is achieved by adding cobalt and copper.

The LutherTour of the summer of 2014 included a tour of this amazing castle. Plan to spend an entire day here to enjoy the history and the art.

2014 GERMANY TRIP venetian chandelier

Venetian Glass Candelabra



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